Literacy 10
This course meets every Friday for 30 minutes. (10:16-10:46, to be precise)

The goal of Literacy 10 is to help our students become better readers, able to read for understanding and to analyze what they read. In order to become BETTER readers, students must first BE readers.
Students are to register with Mrs. Cousar a book OF THEIR OWN CHOOSING (that is, NOT something they were assigned to read for class). They should bring this book to homeroom each week (until they have completed the book-related assignment). This book must be:
  • at an appropriate age level for grade 10
  • appropriate in themes and language for school
  • something they are reading FOR THE FIRST TIME
  • in English

Students may not read:
  • on an electronic device (eReader, computer...sorry, it's too easy to be distracted)
  • obviously "too young" material (The Cat in the Hat; Geronimo Stilton books)
  • textbooks (including novels from English class or other classes)
  • obviously inappropriate material

Need some suggestions for titles you might enjoy? See the ATSS school website for our Summer Reading List, or you could visit the public library, or get suggestions from friends who like to read the same things that you do.

Students are expected to read ONE book PER SEMESTER (and bring that book to class each Homeroom) and complete ONE assignment per semester. Any student reading more than one book (and completing a new assignment for it) may hand in extra work for that term. Only the highest assignment grade will be recorded for each term. (In other words, do one assignment early, then see how you do. If you don't like your mark, do another!)

Semester Book Assignments

There are many reading assignments available. You will have to choose one that is appropriate for your kind of book from THIS LIST. If you need help with selecting an assignment, please see me before or after school for help--I'm glad to do so.
Students are responsible for reading a different book each semester, and must complete a different assignment each semester (that is, if you read I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga in semester 1, and complete assignment #52, you cannot read that book again, or do assignment #52 again, in semester 2).

Remember that all assignments must be done BY HAND--no, you may not type up your assignment, or download images from your computer, unless the assignment specifically says that you may.

Each reading assignment is marked on the following rubric:

Your assignment is due by the end of the day on the Friday before exam week. The earlier, the better. If you do not hand in an assignment, you cannot get a grade for the course (in other words, your mark is "I" for "Incomplete" and there is NO percentage!).

You only need to complete two of these assignments, one each for semester 1 and semester 2. Marks in terms 1 and 3 will be based on class-based assignments and discussion.