I gave each of you an outline of the review unit. It looks kind of like this one.

Knowledge Targets
I can read, write, say and understand the French terms for:
Body parts
Personality traits
Family relationships
Leisure activities
...as given in class notes and on handouts

I can use regular ER verbs correctly in the present tense, such as aimer, détester, and porter.

I can use the irregular verbs avoir, être, faire and aller in the present tense.

I know the alphabet, accents, and numbers 0-100 in French.

I know the days of the week and months of the year in French.

I know the possessive adjectives in French

I have worked to learn the Mots du jour (words of the day)
Reasoning Targets
I can understand simple directions in a game of "Simon dit" (Simon says)

I can use possessive adjectives to describe family members' relationships to me (elle est MA cousine)
and to each other (Jeanne est sa soeur.)

I can use avoir and être to describe my family members.

I can use Mots du jour in my speech and writing.
Skill Targets
I can draw a monster from an oral description.

I can complete an ID card with my own information in French

I can orally give answers to complete an ID card in French

I can write a description of a friend.
Product Targets
I can successfully complete the four parts of the unit test:
  1. Speaking/Interacting: I can have a two-minute conversation with a peer in French about family. Include MDJ where appropriate.
  2. Listening: Draw a creature including symbols to show its leisure activities from an oral description.
  3. Reading: From a written list or paragraph, complete a family tree chart
  4. Writing: Write a short (50-75 words) paragraph describing a person and his/her personality and interests. Include MDJ where appropriate.