Welcome to French 9!
We begin with a quick review of French 5-8. Students can see what they are expected to be able to do by clicking on that link in the menu on the left.
Then, we begin the grade 9 work.
Our text is "Communiquête 2", in which we do three units: En route vers la francophonie, Le monde mystérieux de la science, and Rétro-Monde.

Our daily routine involves verbes du jour (verbs of the day--we begin with a short conjugation practice) and mots du jour (words/phrases of the day--commonly used words and expressions in French, which are quizzed regularly).

Unit tests are in four parts: listening (écoute), speaking (orale), reading (lecture) and writing (écrit). Students often do well in one or two sections, and more poorly in the others.

Suggestion: students may want to use Duolingo (free phone/tablet app) to practice their skills in all four areas outside of class time.

This class has a final examination worth 20% of the final grade. It, too, is in four parts. The speaking and listening parts are done in class in the final week of the semester, but the reading and writing final are done during exam week, in the gym.