Act IV Pre-Reading Vocabulary

Part 1: Using Prior Knowledge and Context Clues
Below are the sentences in which the vocabulary words appear in the text. Read the sentence. Use any clues you can find in the sentence combined with your prior knowledge, and write what you think the bold words mean.

1. Come, sit thee down upon this flowery bed,
While I thy amiable cheeks do coy;
And stick musk roses in thy sleek smooth head,
And kiss thy fair large ear, my gentle joy.

AMIABLE means:

2. Do not fret yourself too much in the action, monsieur, and good monsieur, have a care the honey bag break not.

FRET means:

3. I would be loath to have you overflown with a honey bag, signior.

LOATH means:

4. Gently entwist, the female ivy so
Enrings the barky fingers of the elm.

ENTWIST means:

5. Her dotage now I do begin to pity.

DOTAGE means:

6. I did upbraid her and fall out with her;

UPBRAID means:

7. We will, fair Queen, up to the mountain's top.
And mark the musical confusion
Of hounds and echo in conjunction


8. How comes this gentle concord in the world,
That hatred is so far from jealousy;
To sleep by hate, and fear no enmity?

ENMITY means:

9. Let's follow him,
And by the way let us recount our dreams.

RECOUNT means:

10. Masters, I am to discourse wonders.


Part 2--Determining the Meaning
You have tried to figure out the meanings for the vocabulary words for Act IV. Now match the vocabulary words to their dictionary definitions. If there are words for which you cannot figure out the definition by context clues and process of elimination, look them up in a dictionary.

31. amiable
A. be unwilling or reluctant; disinclined.
32. fret
B. twist together
33. loath
C. friendly and agreeable; good-natured and likeable
34. entwist
D. worry
35. dotage
E. to reprove sharply, reproach, "tell off"
36. upbraid
F. a deterioration of mental faculties; senility
37. conjunction
G. conversation (could be written down or spoken)
38. enmity
H. to narrate the facts or particulars of
39. recount
I. deep-seated, often mutual hatred
40. discourse
J. two things happening at the same time