This website is archived and is no longer used for student assignments. All ATSS students should be able to access their assignments and due dates through Google Classroom. See Mrs. Cousar for your Classroom code, if you need it. Thanks!

Contacting Mrs. Cousar:To contact me (students OR parents), you can:
  • email me at Elizabeth_Cousar@sd34.bc.ca
  • send me a note at school (this works for shy students. Just slip a note into the hand-in box!)
  • come see me in person. I am generally on campus from 7:00 am until 4:30 pm, but if I am not expecting any students, I may arrive later or leave earlier. If I am in my room, the door is generally open (if I am not, I am usually photocopying or hanging out in the library).
  • leaving a phone message is not an option, as the phone in my classroom is only occasionally functional. Sorry.
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About Mrs. Cousar
Elizabeth Cousar was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1971. Kindergarten was a French Immersion experience; her grade 1-9 education was in a francophone school there, but her high school was anglophone. She moved to BC in 1991 and studied to become a sign language interpreter at Douglas College. For over 12 years, she interpreted at R.E. Mountain Secondary School in Langley, where she loved interpreting mostly math and science courses from grades 8-12. Finally, Mrs. Cousar decided to go back to university to become a teacher. She did her undergraduate degree by correspondence through Athabasca University (Bachelor of Professional Arts, with Distinction), and her professional teacher training at SFU, becoming a secondary French teacher in 2008. She has been teaching at ATSS since 2009. Mrs. Cousar would like to go back to university to get a Master's degree one day. She was involved with Guides Canada for over 20 years, has a first degree Black Belt in Songham Taekwondo, and loves to read more than anything, especially mysteries, young adult books, and science fiction/fantasy. Her favorite TV shows are Big Bang Theory and Criminal Minds. She has recently become a fan of the British series Sherlock as well as Downton Abbey. She listens to News1130 and RadioCanada (in French) 97,7 on the way to work. She does not own a smartphone, and only rarely uses a cellphone at all, but is madly in love with her KoboArc tablet, on which she reads, plays Words With Friends, and watches the occasional movie on Netflix.As a teacher, Mrs. Cousar is no-nonsense, but strives to be as fair as possible (note to students: your concept of fair and mine are probably a bit different!). She has a good sense of humour but a lousy memory for names and faces. Your teacher firmly believes that education cannot gently fall upon her students like snow (where we hope that it will stick); instead, she believes that learning requires effort. Warning: You will work VERY hard in Mrs. Cousar's class. However, you will learn a great deal and possibly laugh a lot.

Mrs. Cousar has taught the following subjects in BC high schools:English 9, 10; Essentials of Math 8; French 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Health and Career Education 9; Information Technology 9, Literacy 10, and Social Studies 9. Her greatest wish is to find a way to organize her time better so she can hand back work more quickly. If that ever happens, she'd like to learn to play a musical instrument (preferably violin, piano, or harp).

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