English 9 Final Exam
Your final examination is worth 20% of your final mark for the course.

To figure out what your final course mark will be, just multiply your current class mark (from CheckMyMark) by 0.8.Then, multiply the percentage you think you will get on the final exam by 0.2. Then add the two numbers together.

For example, Sarahlynn has 65.87% in English 9, and she thinks she can get 70% on the exam if she studies hard.
(65.87 x 0.8) + (70 x 0.2) =
52.696 + 14 =
66.696 % (or about 67%).
You will notice, with this formula, that if you have 63% as a course mark, you will pass the course even if you score 0 on the final. This does not mean, "don't bother to show up," it just means, "don't panic, dude, you're going to pass anyhow. The only question is with what final mark."

So what's on the final?
Good question! The short answer is: everything.
The long answer is:

Part A: Non-fiction reading, words in context.
In this section, you will be asked to read a non-fiction article and answer questions to demonstrate your ability to read and understand non-fiction. You will also be asked some questions about the vocabulary in the text to see if you can figure out what the words mean by reading the rest of the sentence or paragraph. You will also be asked questions to be sure you are understanding the passage.

Part B: Poetry analysis, and poetry terms.
You will be asked to read a poem and answer some questions about it. These questions are designed to be sure you understand the vocabulary in the poem, as well as poetic terms such as alliteration and hyperbole (all the poetic terms are possibilities!)

Part C: Short story analysis, elements of a short story, and literary paragraph writing
You will be asked to read a short story and answer some questions about it. You will have to write a literary paragraph about the short story.

Part D: Written composition
You will be given several topics, asked to choose one, and then write a MULTI-PARAGRAPH response to the topic. You may write an essay (expository or narrative) or a short story.

And when is this dreaded exam, Mrs. Cousar?
Your final exam is FRIDAY, JUNE 19 at 8:30 a.m. in the gym. Don't be late!