I-search project outline

Your I-search project is a research project on a topic that interests YOU (as long as it's school appropriate).
The handout you got in class is here, and the due dates for each part of the assignment are listed below.
Project outline:

As sources, in your paper, you should have something you READ (and you need at least one print source); someone you ASK (you must interview an expert about your topic), something you WATCH (a movie, a video, an event, etc) and something you DO (a hands-on activity like volunteering, teaching about your topic, taking a workshop, practicing a skill, etc).


The idea here is for you to take your research outside of the Internet and the library--talk to someone who knows about your topic and try something related to your topic, in addition to just "Googling" it!
Interview Notes and Assignments are here:

Thesis statement:

A thesis statement tells your reader what your topic is, which side of the argument you support, and in what order you will address your main points. We went to this THESIS STATEMENT CREATOR WEBSITE to help you write your own useful thesis statement. You handed it in before you left class Sept. 30.

Sources: Don't forget that you must have a minimum of five (5) sources for your I-search paper:

1. One print source (on paper! A book, a magazine or newspaper or journal article, a photograph, etc).
2. One web source (a website, an e-journal article, etc)
3. One interview source (face to face, telephone, webcam, IM, email, or snail mail)
4. One "watch" source (a film, video, slideshow, etc)
5. ...another of 1-4, so that you have a total of five.

Of COURSE you may have more than five sources...but you don't need to have a million!
Your second source check (at which I'll expect you to have at least four sources!) is Tuesday, October 15.

Due dates

(Items that have been handed in are struck out; if yours is late, don't forget the Late Assignment Slip!
"Signpost" (along-the-way) Assignment
Due Date
Choose a topic (topic chooser sheet)
September 18 or 19
First check of sources and notes sheets
September 30
Thesis Statement (in-class)
September 30
Interview Questions
September 30
Parts 1, 2, and 3 draft
October 7
Sources check #2
Tuesday, October 15
Interview write-up
October 21
Part 4 draft
October 28
Part 6 draft (Works Cited)
October 28
Part 5 draft
November 4
Complete Rough Draft (for peer edit)
November 18
Revisions check
November 25
DECEMBER 2, 2013